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  • A camera is the best tool to contribute worldwide nature conservation.

  • His landscape photos are iconic, whilst he creates a breath of fresh air with his photos of animals.

  • As a long time lover of the planet’s wildest spots, he includes an artistic vision with each photo he takes.

  • His passion for photography has been recognised through photographic competitions such as Nature’s Best, BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Asferico, Glanzlichter, Emotion Ailes, Memorial Maria Luisa, Fotocam and Narava.

“Though a biologist by training, I took up photography because of my passion for nature. For me, biodiversity is a rich joy, in which I lose myself every time I’m in the countryside. It’s a brimming world which I try to capture in my photographs.”

Since childhood, when I used to spend the summers at my grandmother’s house, nature, this environment so full of life has been a constant source of fascination for me.

As the years went by and more hours were spent in the countryside, all those animals which attracted me so much could be named, the rivers could be drawn, and the trees and plants separated according to the season of the year – the mountains became ever more prominent like a challenge becoming more accessible.

When I decided to study Biology, I allowed myself to be led by my passion for nature. I was simply doing what I had always liked to do. I felt like those tears of fog which I found so attractive and which are incapable of breaking away from the trees and peaks they are attached to.

Commitment accompanied knowledge acquired at university. I didn’t have my own voice, nor did I have words to express it, but I had my first camera, the tool with which I felt no fear when capturing this nature which fascinated me. I could only manage to engage others by showing them my vision. Afterwards, I could be silent.

Twenty years have gone by since then, and I now feel that this passion for nature will be my constant companion in my desire to photograph the natural world. My work doesn’t possess a language to denounce, but rather to highlight nature compared with artificiality. And now that art has become a fusion, I can no longer distinguish between painting and photography, art and science without showing the essence and the consciousness of the surroundings through my photographs. Attempting to stimulate the onlooker’s gaze, but trying to speak to his mind.

To do this I have travelled ceaselessly across every continent. I have travelled extensively throughout America, I have gone deep into Africa, I have searched out the wildest corners of the old Europe, I have become impregnated with the rhythms of the Asiatic countries, I have allowed myself to be seduced by the ancient cultures of the Middle East and I have been in places as far flung as the Antarctic, the Arctic and New Zealand.






  • GLANZLICHTER 2011 First Prize The Art of Camouflage Category

  • Photograph from the ‘WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE’ Project, Prize Winner in the GLANZLICHTER 2011 International Photographic Competition

  • The chromatic simplicity of the taiga, Prize Winner in the GLANZLICHTER 2011 International Photography Competition

  • NARAVA 2011 PSA Honorable Mention Nature Category

  • ASFERICO 2010 First Prize Mammals Category

  • EURONATUR 2010 Nature Treasures of Europe Fifth Prize

  • NAMUR NATURE 2010 Festival Jury’s Grand Prix ‘Emotion Ailes’ International Competition

  • FOTOCAM 2010 two Honourable Mentions Creative and Vegetation Categories

  • MARIA LUISA Memorial MOUNTAIN AND NATURE 2009 First Prize Nature in Movement Category

  • NATURE’S BEST 2009 First Prize Endangered Species Category 

  • BBC WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2009 Runner-up Endangered Species Category

  • GDT PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2009 Honorable Mention Landscape Category 

  • NAMUR NATURE 2009 Festival Jury’s Grand Prix Emotion Ailes Competition

  • FOTOCAM 2009 Finalist Landscape Category




  • ILCP (International League of Conservation Photographers)

    ILCP logo

    Associate fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP)to make my pictures with a high standard of professionalism and ethics to contribute in conservation campaigns in search of communications and educational aim to increase awareness of conservation priorities for policy-makers and the public at large.



    Wild Wonders of Europe

    This enterprising project has brought together the 69 leading photographers of the continent, and is guided by an admirable and conservationist aim, that of showing the world the natural heritage of Europe. The majority of the natural locations of Europe will be covered to capture the rich biodiversity of Europe in photographic form. From this extensive work, there will result a large scale publication, open air exhibitions, audiovisual shows and presentations in all forms of media. Through this, it is hoped to awaken the fascination of the European public at large for the nature which surrounds them, as well as raising their awareness of the conservation of the natural heritage of Europe.

    This large conservation effort, which will be undertaken in collaboration with the main European bodies responsible for management of the natural heritage, as well as leading voluntary organisations, meant that, when invited, Juan Carlos Muñoz was happy to become the project’s photographer, right from the initial stages.

    The first of the photographic missions of which Juan Carlos has to collect their biological and ecological value are the Red Kites, the current wildlife symbol of nature in Wales. This species has been selected because of the endangered state which they have faced, and yet which they have successfully overcome, as shown by the encouraging signs of their recovery.

    The second of his missions is to capture the fragile and unusual nature to be uncovered in the remote Outer Hebrides, the furthest north western territory of Europe. On this expedition, he will try to reach St.Kilda, the most remote island of the archipelago. Located in extreme northwest Europe and cut off by difficult sea conditions, it is complicated not only from the point of view of navigation but also for disembarkation. 



    IEPA International Environment Photographers Association

    This charitable organisation, of which I have the honour of being collaborative photographer, attempts to raise awareness in the world about the importance of our natural environment and its destruction, due to the harmful effects caused by many of our actions. “Because the beauty of the natural world is deeply connected with the spiritual well-being of human beings”, as declared in the principles on which the association, which has its headquarters in Japan, is founded. And to arouse that awareness of the valuable heritage of the world, it has opted as its support the power of the natural images of photographers from all over the world.



    Art for Conservation

    To conserve world nature is the single aim which unites us, a large number of artists from different expressive media, in the artistic website ‘Art for Conservation’, because we believe that the visual power of our artistic endeavour is capable of arousing emotions. At the same time it is sending out a message that together we can contribute to conserving the extraordinary natural heritage of the world.

    By acquiring a work of art from ‘Art for Conservation’, one collaborates directly in the conservation efforts of voluntary organisations involved in furthering the protection of the environment on all fronts, since we artists are committed to donating a percentage of our earnings to our chosen organisations. Apart from that, putting up one of these images in your home arouses emotions by its proximity and transmits a direct perspective to the observer’s heart so that he may enjoy the beauty within our planet and be encouraged to do whatever possible to ensure this doesn’t disappear.



  • As a nature photographer I strongly believe that respect for the natural conditions of the photographed environment is the essential basis of my pictures. The conservation gestures are personal, but the ethics of a professional nature photographer involves to work for the preservation of species and leaving untouched natural areas in which they live. To highlight it through my imagery is my task to awaken that instinct of conservation on whom see them. Being part of a group of Spanish nature photographers as AEFONA association is simply to keep working together for an ethical for nature. In wilderness conservation to work together is keep going further for the planet.


    Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation

    Not only my first childhood steps into nature but those of an entire generation were guided by the love for nature and the passion for life which distinguished the work of this great Spanish naturalist and disseminator. For that reason, it was an honour for me, when his daughter Odile suggested that I provide my images as a contribution to the Exhibition and the book ‘Félix: 25 years of ecological awareness’ which is going to be undertaken on his work to commemorate 25 years since his death, in collaboration with the BBVA Foundation. Since then my collaboration with the Félix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation has been close and continuous over the years of committed projects, in support of the environment and wildlife.



    WWF Spain

    Global commitment with nature has made the World Fund for Nature (better known as the World Wildlife Foundation WWF) one of the government organisations with the longest track record in conservation, whose commitment is on a world wide scale.

    My involvement as a photographer in its Spanish division goes back two decades, coinciding with my starting out as a photographer. Collaborating with my images in its publications, posters, calendars and diaries as well as in its awareness raising campaigns, I try to contribute to the conservation of the world’s most endangered species.


  • BIODIVERSIA Interactive Plataform of the Spanish Inventory of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

     BIODIVERSIA Interactive Platform of the Spanish Inventory of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity

    I contribute to Biodiversia, an interactive platform promoted by the Biodiversity Foundation and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain. This Web 2.0 is a virtual space that is intended to raise education and public awareness to environmental issues.

    Social participation and the way to consult the information contained in the Spanish Inventory of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity are simple as well as the information on issues relating to environmental and natural heritage of our society. Users can also participate through chats, forums, working groups both public and private or adding images, videos, sounds, news, etc.

    Among the different inventories of Biodiversia is included a photograph I took in Doñana, reflecting the great biodiversity that hosts one of the most emblematic Spanish protected natural areas, which illustrates the access to the Spanish Inventory of Terrestrial Species (Wealth).




    The passion for nature photography and its consideration as a fine art is the desire thats binds me to this project created by professional and amateur photographers. All of us guided by the illusion that nature photography should be artistically considered as a work of authorship, making limited photo editions of high quality, is a way to share our fascination for the beauty of nature.





    The defense and study of birds and their habitats is the emblem of the oldest conservationist association in Spain, which at the same time is a member of Birdlife International. So I am honored to work with this NGO as it is to contribute to the conservation of global biodiversity.




    Promotes the idea of allowing nature to take care of itself and through it to bring back the variety of wildlife missing. This new vision of conservation convinced me from their first project in Spain.

    Exploring new ways for people and wildlife to live together by means of rewilding thousand of hectares of farmland abandonned all over Europe. An interesting position to look at nature conservation.



    Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre   

    Conservation of natural heritage and traditional activities that man has developed with its environment, and the restoration and recovery of endangered species are the landmarks that guide this foundation of a long journey of successes for the benefit of nature.

    I joined their tasks through its LIFE project in Western Iberia. Developed with Rewilding Europe in Campanarios de Azaba Reserve, Salamanca, in collaboration with the Faia Brava Reserve in Portugal.