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July 2016 / The French magazine Terre Sauvage commemorates its thirty-year milestone in the Best World Wilderness places

Elephants crossing water paths on a luxurious seasonal grass, hippos gathering on water or leaving mud tracks with their movements across the river, water waves of lechwe antelopes running to avoid a dangerous presence… since I went to the Okavango Delta for the first time I keep seeing a wild surprise waiting to frame everywhere. Even Botswana dry winter months, when the waters reduced to three times the size of the delta flooded, offers the chance to spot unique vision of wildlife from a different perspective of this that is one of the most astonishing sites of worldwide wilderness. Terre Sauvage Magazine, July 2016.



July 2016 / Viajar magazine highlights the best month of the year to sight the big jump of the Great White Shark in South Africa

The great white shark activity in False Bay close to Cape Town (South Africa) reaches its maximum intensity in the austral winter until late August. It's time to watch in action these large predators, usually measure more than five meters and are able to raise their two tons of weight up to three meters above the waves. Viajar Magazine, July 2016.



July 2016 / Super Foto Magazine features story of Provence, the art of the summer symmetry

Nothing fascinates more than the color in nature, even though the tiny flowers of lavender, viewed as a whole, on the boundless fields of Provence, they change landscape into an explosion of purple hues that combine the perfect lines of plants production with attractiveness of a humanized natural landscape. Super Foto Digital Magazine, July 2016.




June 2016 / Cover for An Introduction to Conservation Biology book of Sinauer Associates Publishers

Publication of a new undergraduate conservation biology textbook, An Introduction to Conservation Biology. New coauthor Anna Sher joins longtime Sinauer author Richard Primack in creating a book well suited for a wide range of undergraduate courses, as both a primary text for conservation biology courses and a supplement for ecological and environmental science courses.



June 2016 / Viajar magazine suggests the best moment to go all over the lavender fields of Provence, France

The first weeks of June are the best time to enjoy the lavender fields. Now it is when landscapes of Provence, in southeastern France, are covered with lilac and violet flowers. Lavender route in Provence adds to its attractions closeness of the wineries along the Rhone River and its beautiful sunflower fields, forests and vineyards. Viajar Magazine, June 2016.


June 2016 / Collaboration for an app developed by Department Deaf Studies at the Humboldt University, Berlin.

Collaborating for an inclusive Project of the department Deaf Studies at the Humboldt University Berlin. An app for iPad to build up a bilingual access to medias. The goal is that children are not only be possible to perceive contents in spoken and written language but to have the possibly to the see contents as well through sign language movies. With this app children have the option to choose between different languages. This project is supposed to be a move towards inclusion, which was determined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to decrease barriers and to encourage the participation within the society.



June 2016 / Viajar magazine publishes a picture of the raising lost of Arctic sea ice

The northern hemisphere summer, which begins this month in the morning of 21st June, seems to have come before the Arctic ice, which this year could lose, due to temperature rise, almost three and a half kilometers million square, the figure that the Arctic sea ice lost in 2012, the biggest surface loss ever recorded. Viajar Magazine, June 2016.




June 2015 / Viajar Magazine shows the beechs of A Game of Thrones, Ireland

These beechs were planted in the eighteenth century in north of Ireland, near the village of Armoy. They were used to film some scenes of Game of Thrones. With spring arrival the new green leaves bring some colour on the strange shapes of their branches. So again they become one of the most attractive tourist symbols of Ireland. While they keep covered in mystery, their Grey Lady who comes behind last trunks at sunset... Viajar Magazine June 2015.



May 2015 / GEO Spain Magazine features article The Awakening of Somiedo Natural Park, Spain

This Spanish natural park situated in Asturias in Northern Spain celebrates 25 years since its declaration as Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco. A valuable fauna, the vaqueiros, an ancestral culture of seasonal shepherding, and its great geological features are the main values of this unchanged part of the Cantabrian Mountains. GEO Spain, May 2015.



May 2015 / Viajes El Mundo newspaper features story on El Hierro Island, Spain

El Hierro Island it is also known as the Island of Calm, perhaps because it's a paradise for green tourism. Its geography of black and red lava is surrounded by sheer cliffs and covered with remnants of laurel forests and a beautiful juniper forest nearby the lighthouse Orchilla, its reflection was the last vision held by the emigrants that left Europe. It is the most isolated of all the Canary Islands, but, nevertheless, a great network of trails, the same that Islanders traditionally used, make it a paradise for hiking. Viajes El Mundo, April 2015.


May 2015 / Euskal Herria Book, a visual walk through the Basque territory

A book as an introduction to the history of this territory divided between both sides of the Pyrenees. The text written by Xabier Larrañaga is accompanied by 80 of my pictures on different aspects of natural landscape, urban environment, art displays through the history, large spaces for culture, festivals and award-winning cuisine. An invitation to travel to the Basque Country!


April 2015 / GEO Spain Magazine features story about the Tablas de Daimiel National Park recovery, Spain

Overexploitation of the aquifer 23 for irrigation purposes, one of the largest in Europe, was about to destroy the Tablas de Daimiel National Park, an emblematic wetland of La Mancha, central region of Spain. A project of WWF and Coca-Cola, which uses management software, helps to streamline the agricultural water consumption to preserve groundwater reserves and the national park. GEO Spain Magazine, April 2015.



April 2015 / Viajar magazine publishes a picture of Krizna Jama cave, home of the cave bear Slovenia

The caves are the main attraction of Slovenia, the Postojna and Skocjan caves are the most known and visited, but this image, the Krizna Jama cave is the most astonishing and least known. Now, with the end of winter, it is possible to go over the nine kilometers of the cave because of the lower the level of the river that runs inside creating 50 lakes chained which is only possible to move in rubber raft. The stalactites and stalagmites reflected in their waters are one of the main features as well as the abundant remains of cave bears that were found within. Viajar Magazine, April 2015.


Spring 2015 / HOLA VIAJES International Magazine open a window to a Journey to the Center of the Earth, Iceland

The Thrihnukagigur volcano offers a unique experience in the world based on descending to the Earth's interior. The land is literally alive under our feet and into a dormant volcano 4,000 years ago is at the very least a daunting journey. Its crater is a slight hill, for its small proportions, that seems an unlikely access to the Earth's interior. But from the crater 120 meters of empty open under the feet through a narrow passage into the vast volcanic dome camera where be descended by a platform that allows to walk into a volcano among a palette of intense colors of the minerals in the Earth's interior.Hola Viajes Magazine International Edition. 


April 2015 / Pyrénées Magazine, Pays Basque Edition, features story on Geological Wonders of Caves, France and Spain

The Basque Country is a wonderful site for geology. It offers, among its beautiful scenery, 1.5 million years of Earth’s history. Also provides information about the region and a huge variety of possibilities to enjoy with its natural geological wonders. Some are not so obvious at first glance like the caves. Pozalagua in Bizkaia is considered one of the most spectacular produced by the dissolution of limestone, an authentic underground gothic natural feature among the European caves. Pyrenees Magazine. Basque Country Edition, April 2015.




March 2015 / Viajes National Geographic Magazine features Namibia, The Oldest Desert of the World

The vast Namib Desert has sculpted the face of this country in southwest Africa. Their giant, golden or red dunes contrast with the ponds and streams of the Etosha Park, home of the mammals and birds most extraordinary continent. The Atlantic wind pushes the sand inland, forming a spectacular coastline, known as Skeleton due to the many shipwrecks in its sands. To its beauty also contributes the highest dunes on the continent. Viajes National Geographic Magazine, March 2015.



April 2015 / Collaboration with BBC Wildlife Magazine in Nature’s Weirdest Designs article

Sometimes natural selection leads to design flaw workarounds. From male peacocks’ iridescent feathers, to hen’s teeth. One would think that it is an awesome idea of animal evolution but maybe an epic chain of successful copying mistakes passed down from one generation to the next. The consequences of such eccentricities behind evolution change animals looking that captivate as result of natural selection and we are now starting to understand it. BBC Wildlife Magazine April 2015.





March 2015 / SuperFoto Digital Magazine features story of Hula Valley, Israel, between heaven and earth

What attracts the most of Israel is the trace that marked its territory with a crowded history as a crossroads of peoples, religions and cultures of the Mediterranean Sea. However, what is less known is that its skies become a natural spectacle thanks to the passage of migratory birds for a few months a year. In the north, in the region of Galilee, the Hula Valley is an unique place in the world, not only for being one end of the Great Rift Valley but for being an extraordinary wetland as remaining part of the great lake that filled most of the valley long time ago. SuperFoto Digital Magazine March 2015.


February 2015 / A Beech forest gets into the Natural Sciences Museum of Alava, Basque Country, Spain

A forest leads to a full encounter in wilderness and their wild inhabitants. However what is not common is that a forest suggests to walk in the woods from inside a museum. This is what happened in the Natural Science Museum of Alava, in the Basque Country, Spain, where, a temporary exhibition into its geological, botanical and zoological collections has joined this photograph of a beech forest. Natural Science Museum, Alava, Basque Country, Spain.




Febrero 2015 / Viajes EL MUNDO newspaper goes for Loving Alentejo from a First Oceanic Sight, Portugal

Alentejo is a chill-out appointment to the west of Europe. It is said that in the Alentejo coast the sun never sets. Not only by the generosity of its annual sunny days, but because the view from the cliffs, endless beaches and coves that are a perfect haven for pirates. A landscape suggesting to await the latest sun ray. Ropes away! It is time to admire one of the wildest shores of the old continent from a unique perspective- sailing onboard of a traditional wooden galleon used to carry the oceanic salt. Viajes El Mundo, February 2015.



January 2015 / Viajar Magazine features a Snow Monkeys picture at Jigokudani hotspring in Japan

The Snow monkey or Japanese macaque is the non-human primate that inhabits world's northernmost. He is a very clever terrestrial monkey that washes their food off with water and faces the cold of winter season dipping in the hot springs of Jigokudani, located near Nagano city in Honshu, the main island of Japan. Viajar Magazine, January 2015.




Winter 2014-15 / Abaco Magazine features article White, Splendor in the Snow

In this white environment where low temperatures, storms and winds dominate, adaptation is the only way to have chance of survival. Thick coats, rounded bodies and limbs adapted to the territory defined amazing wildlife as chamois, tiger, white-tailed eagle, snowy owl, polar bear and ptarmigan. Abaco Magazine BBVA Group Winter 2014-15.




January 2015 / Super Foto Digital Magazine features The African Call of the Wild, Zambia

When it comes to reflect the Zambia’s wilderness, three of the most outstanding wonders of African nature become the focus. These are the tumult of water generated by Zambezi river crashing down through Victoria Falls, the river atmosphere of the unpredictable hippos in South Luangwa National Park and, considered as the great photographic challenge, focusing the greatest worldwide migration created by fruit bats in Kasanka National Park. SuperFoto Digital Magazine January 2015.




January 2015 / Viajar Magazine publishes a sight of an Ice Cave under Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland

Walking on a glacier awakes awe-inspiring excitement but to delve into its ice is one of those experiences that will not leave you feeling cold. Lets go into the largest cap of ice in area in Europe, the Vatnajökull glacier and hopefully if its annual melting creates able rivers that can sculpt the ancient ice layers the goldsmithing work is done. It is only needed to access at the best time of the day when the sun's rays reflected on icy walls, to be suddenly fascinated by the great treasure of ice. Viajar Magazine January 2015.




January 2015 /  WWF Calendar 2015 collaboration with its Spanish Edition ‘The Earth to the Foreground’

Nothing better than starting the year bringing our Planet to the foreground as suggested by WWF NGO from their Spanish headquarters. Another year I have the pleasure of working with their wildlife conservation programmes contributing with my pictures to their annual calendar. Although several images have been provided to the pages of 2015, I totally agree that the most pleasant is the one used on the cover. A clever primate, the Japanese macaque, has developed a curious behavior to combat the cold of the toughest winter days, bathing in the hot springs of Jigokudani in Nagano, Japan. WWF Spain 2015 Calendar.




December 2014 / Collaboration with Rewilding Europe in the new study ‘Rewilding horses in Europe’

This well illustrasted, 48-page study was presented at the Eurosite workshop ‘Living with wilderness’ in Haarlem, The Netherlands on September. This is the first of its kind on this exciting topic, providing the necessary background information as well as practical guidelines about the European wild horse. Although it is extinct since the early 1900s, but at the same time its genome is not lost and still exists across several types of old original horses. I had the chance to shot some of these types for the project and at the best moment of their rewilding process- their release in the wilderness of Western Iberian, one of the rewilding areas. Rewilding Europe new study 'Rewilding horses in Europe'.






December 2014 / Viajar Magazine publishes the vision of The Forest of the Fruit Bats

Every December forests of Kasanka National Park in Zambia are filled up with orange wings. It is at this time of the year when trees get their ripe fruits that attract around five million of fruit bats, the largest bat in southern Africa and one of the biggest worldwide migrations. The spectacle of bats in flight begins at sunset, just lasts half an hour and change into orange-coloured the forest when the activity of the colony increases at times. Viajar Magazine December 2014.





December 2014 / HOLA Viajes Magazine suggests a getaway to Aracena mountains in Huelva with A Gourmet Hike

Several species of oaks and chestnuts carpet this mountain range where the Iberian pig free-runs, a venerable animal from which we make the most of it, especially the ham, quintessence of Spanish cuisine. What's more, in the middle of the pasture landscape, between Aracena and Jabugo are lying charming villages, long time ago were located on kingdom border and nowadays exalted by castles and medieval legends. ¡HOLA! Viajes 2015, 52 getaways through Spain.



December 2014 / Super Foto Digital Magazine features story on Slovenia, Green Karst Region, Gates to the Earth and wildlife 

Southwest of Slovenia nature seems to have been busy creating its own whimsical geography with vanishing lakes and welcoming tireless birds in migration and wandered by bears that hide between beechs and spruces forests. The surprises continue underground through a fascinating landscape that is revealed only after get literally inside the ground, this is the Green Karst lying on the Slovenian subsoil. Super Foto Digital Magazine December 2014.



December 2014 / Viajar Magazine goes to the Austral Summer in its This Month on Earth Section

The rockhopper penguin is considered together with its cousin the macaroni penguin among the most curious members of the family due to these characteristic long eyebrows of bright yellow feathers that give them a friendly look. They are tenacious border inhabitants that with the austral spring return to gather their best colony located on the island of States. At the end of Tierra del Fuego where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet just at the southern end of the world. This is the area where the maddening Patagonian wind, one of the coldest and persistent worldwide winds, keeps incessant blowing incessantly throughout the Patagonia and on the ocean encounter raising the 'roaring forties'. Viajar Magazine December 2014.



December 2014 / Abaco Magazine publishes story of Katmandu, Where the Gods meet humans

The Himalayas adds an extraordinary white background to a flat valley plenty of fertility where is located Katmandu the capital of a friendly country that is the dream of any traveler. According to mythical beliefs Kathmandu is located on a sacred lake on which the god Manjushri, with a stroke of his sword opened a huge cut throughout the Bagmati river and thus drained the valley. Since them in the valley live more gods than humans beings. Abaco Magazine Winter 2014-15.



November 2014 / Viajar Magazine features story on The Ten Most Beautiful Forests in Spain

Forest in autumn become inescapable nature meeting of temperate latitudes. Every year their color change surprises the hiker with an unique brightness. From Asturias to the Canary Islands, the ten forests of the Spanish geography of this article, illustrated on the cover with one of my pictures, let come across wilderness delicate hues and scents of the most colourful season of the year. Viajar Magazine November 2014.







October 2014 / Iberia Excelente Magazine Earth Vision of Elephants on the Delta of Okavango River, Botswana

A family of elephants moves through the Delta of the Okavango River, in Botswana, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. It is the end of the huge geological fault of Gran Rift that goes through of the continent. On its 15,000 square kilometers the seasonal flooding of the Okavango River creates an amazing nature spectacle, a river which never reaches the ocean. Plenty of water it is a paradise for wildlife as a the elephants, the African giants. IBERIA EXCELENTE Magazine October 2014.







October 2014 / Viajar Magazine publishes article on GALAPAGOS Islands, return to origins

Far away from everywhere but situated in the center of the world, on the Earth equator, the Galapagos are islands where nature has come out on top so far. Their geography was made by volcanoes and is home of unique species. Some of them with antediluvian appearance such as iguanas, some of gigantic proportions as tortoises, but none as famous as the finch which with its variations between islands awoke in Darwin a theory unbeaten until nowadays, evolution. Viajar Magazine October 2014.



October 2014 / Ronda Iberia Magazine publishes story on Beech woods in their autumn splendour

It is time one more year to welcome the autumn. On temperate latitudes it comes with all the splendour of the beech forests. When on their aesthetic apogee of this time of year displays a colourful spectacle. In Spain the wilderness of these woods, often swathed in the autumn mists of the humid northern mountains, is the safest refuge for the last bears, capercaillies and white-backed woodpeckers left in Spain. RONDA IBERIA Magazine October 2014.





October 2014 / El Mundo newspaper Siete Leguas Traveller suplement features Holbox Island, the secret waters of the whale shark

Even being very close of Cancun the solitary coral beaches of the Mexican island of Holbox, would be a perfect paradise to do not get away if it were not that for just a few meters offshore, where the waters of the Gulf of Mexico meet with the Caribbean ones and comes a giants of the seas concentration, the friendly whale sharks. Who could resist to leave shoreline? EL MUNDO Newspaper 28.October.2014.






September 2014 / SuperFoto Digital Magazine features Alentejo, legendary sunsets on western Europe

Beyond the Tagus, which literally means Alentejo, lies one of the most scenic coastlines in Europe, not only for the good approaches that its varied landscape with little natural alteration shows, but because being bathed in a bright, attractive sunlight at anytime and that becomes a must-see of every Atlantic sunset. Super Foto Magazine September 2014.





Summer 2014 / Viajeros Magazine features story of Azores, going to the ocean

When someone arrives to these islands raised up by volcanic eruptions should know being in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Also should be ready to be swept away by the warm tropical atmosphere of these islands where the volcanic action fights with the exuberant vegetation of every island unique landscape to do not be hidden. Viajeros Magazine Summer 2014.






Summer 2014 / Hola Viajes International Magazine features Monteverde, Walking in the clouds of the Costa Rican cloud forest

Dare to walk throughout the Biological Reserve of Monteverde, one of the best ecotourism worldwide destinations means go literally into the clouds. But do not be alarmed, because a network of canopies or trails with bridges suspended between the cloud forest tops of the trees makes possible to see the forest from bird’s  eye view without difficulty but be ready to experience vertiginous sensations. HOLA Viajes Magazine Extra International issue 2014.






September 2014 /  Viajar Magazine publishes AZORES, a safari through the deep blue of the islands of the whales

Azores Islands, is a Portuguese archipelago arose from volcanoes forces in the Atlantic Ocean. It is well known as an oasis for sailers and because it is the responsible of sending anticyclones of good time over Europe. Nevertheless it is not so popular, despite being so close to the mainland, because of its coastal waters are the best European location to watch many of the giants of the seas, whales and dolphins. And thus to be witness of one of the greatest nature encounters. VIAJAR Magazine September 2014.




Summer 2014 / Viajeros Magazine features article of Bocas del Toro Archipelago in Panama

They could call the islands of happiness because they are the stars of the Panamanian Caribbean because of the colorful landscape provided by the varied cultural community of their inhabitants and huge biodiversity, a generous and pleasant world since first Europeans set foot on them. ViajeroS Magazine Summer 2014.






Summer 2014 / Handbook of the Mammals of the World – Volume 4 has been published on Sea Mammals

As could not be otherwiseThe Handbook of Mammals of the World comes richly illustrated with photographs, which I pleasingly contributed, to show sea mammals. Some of them are considered among the most fascinating animals on the planet and are gathered in this volume that details all species of the family with their description and behavior with an update of his extraordinary adaptations to the marine environment. Handbook of the Mammals of the World - Volumen 4. Lynx Editions.





August 2014 / National Geographic Spain Magazine features article on fractals

The forms of nature reflect a new geometry based on shapes as beautiful and complex as reality itself: the fractals. National Geographic Magazine in August 2014 issue invites readers to go in depth into these enigmas. Some of my images illustrate the article on these wilderness patterns repeating at different scales, but really are mathematics that explain everything around us. National Geographic Spain Magazine August 2014.







Summer 2014 / VIAJAR Magazine publishes story on Svalbard Islands and polar bear encounters

Here is an archipelago with which man has contended historically, however the untouched nature has kept with a hypnotic beauty. Quiet vast glaciers lie on most of its territory, undiscovered summits and vertiginous cliffs that hide from noisy wild inhabitants as sea birds to the majestic walrus. But the leading wildlife here is undoubtedly the polar bear, the real king of the Arctic. VIAJAR Magazine August 2014.






August 2014 / El Mundo de los PIRINEOS Magazine commemorates is 100 issue by highlighting the most extraordinary shapes of the Pyrenees Mountains

With this issue El Mundo de los Pirineos magazine spreads special information about the currents subjects related to the Pyrenees to share with its readers the joy for these mountains, their culture and nature. I am proud of collaborating with the magazine from the very first moment of its edition and to getting here on this issue illustrating its stories with my imagery. El Mundo de los Pirineos Magazine 100 issue.






Summer 2014 / Siete Leguas Magazine features story in Iceland about Vatnajökull glacier

In southeastern Iceland extends the Vatnajökull, Europe's largest glacier ice mass. An extensive by the eye icy beauty which however hides fiery volcanoes that spewing their lava from time to time making quite clear that here nature is all powerful. At the lower level the plain of volcanic sand Skeiðarársandur extends as a desolate vastness. The glacier perpetual ice stops being in a beautiful and unusual lake, Jokulsarlon where ice thousands of years old appears erratic until arriving to the shoreline where it lie at the mercy of the waves. Story featured on Siete Leguas Magazine of El Mundo Editions, Summer 2014.




July 2014 / BBC Wildlife Magazine publishes a spread page of a Wild Vision on Natron Lake

The outstanding natural beauty of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania is due to a photosynthesising cyanobacteria that gives its pink hue shaped by the salty crusts of its deeply alkaline waters. An extrem environment where however the lesser flamingo can live. Up to a million of flamingos gather every year to breed, which lead to a huge youth population as the picture shows. BBC Widlife Magazine July 2014 issue.






Summer 2014 / On Abaco Magzine featured story on Flysch, The Living History of the Earth

The western coast of Gipuzkoa has one of the most valuable natural treasures of Spain. Millions of years of geological history of our planet have been written in successive rock strata and have been uncovered by marine erosion leaving as an open book one of the most spectacular rocky and complete records of what happened to the Earth for 65 million years. Abaco Magazine Summer 2014.






June 2014 / VIAJAR Magazine is travelling to Botswana to discover the greatest of Africa- Chobe National Park elephants

Capable of drinking up to a hundred liters of water a day, the African elephant needs to live near water to be happy. The Chobe River, which runs between Namibia and Botswana, is one of the best places to meet, at a safe distance, to large herds of elephants that come each day to its shores to quench their thirst and bathing. Prepare to be seduced by the greatest of Africa. VIAJAR Magazine story Thirst and Memory of Elephant.





May 2014 / Iberia Excelente Magazine features a picture on a glacier melting river in Iceland

The melting of the glaciers tends to create spectacular effects in the rivers they fall into. An example is the river Ölfusá (in the picture), located in the southeastern part of Iceland, formed by the union of the Hvitá and Sog rivers, near the city of Selfoss. Before flowing into the Atlantic, 25 kilometers downstream, it offers this magical sight. Iberia Excelente Magazine May 2014







May 2014 / SuperFoto Digital Magazine heads its readers towards Salvard Islands wilderness

Exploration is a concept bound up to the Arctic with no doubt. Even with the standing facilities of doing it on board of a cruise this faraway Norwegian archipelago is a risky chance to discover the most untouched territory and closer to the North Pole. SuperFoto Digital Magazine May 2014






April 2014 / The Bird's Mill opens its doors, a permanent exhibition set up by SEO Birdlife NGO

I provided my images to this new exhibition center of the NGO SEO Birdlife located on the Victoria wetland within the Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Wetlands Natural Park. Set up with modern technology for the ecotouristic activities for bird watching on this wetland of international importance. But also to know about bird migrations and climate change. The Bird's Mill





Spring 2014 / Viajeros Magazine features story on The High Atlas, Morocco

Southern Morocco mountains define one of the most beautiful regions of this country. The highest mountain range of Northern Africa is a real border between the arid desert and fertile valleys hidden in the High Atlas. Oasis appear on the road with the powerful architecture of fortified kasbahs of Berber roots, mesmerizing with its orangey tones and for being the most authentic essence of the country. ViajeroS Magazine Spring 2014






April 2014 / Conde Nast Traveller Magazine in its Middle East issue invites readers through a visual quest- Where are you?

The terrestrial primates who spend their time feeding of the grasslands surrounding this mountain range distinguish themselves from other species with their bright red breasts. What’s more, they’re the only living species in their endemic family to have been catalogued. They have survived of their South African,Congolese, Tanzanian and Ugandan first cousins, who succumbed to extinction hundreds of years ago. This craggy place, in spite of its challenging orography has been inhabited for centuries, even by humans. Where are you? Conde Nast Traveller Middle East




April 2014 / GEO Magazine edits a book on Natural Parks of Spain

GEO Magazine with this special issue in its Spanish edition, in which I have contributed by providing most of its images, invites to explore one by one the 136 natural parks of Spain through images showing the extraordinary biodiversity that Spanish protected areas accumulate.. GEO Book Natural Parks of Spain.




April 2014 / Whale shark highlighted in the Nature Section of the VIAJAR Magazine

On the border between the greenish waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean turquoise waters lie kilometers of white sands of Holbox Island overflown by flamingos and pelicans. His cosy and abarcable geography with bare feet keeps one of the best secrets of Caribbean ecotourism, because its waters gather each year an astonishing concentration of whale sharks, the gentle giants of the seas. VIAJAR Magazine April 2014.





March 2014 / Terre Sauvage Magazine publishes the Picture of the Month

In the graphical language nothing is more natural than to surprise a wild animal in its habitat and that's what the real click of this picture reflects- an European Green Woodpecker making what it really does best, drilling an old trunk with the extraordinary strength of its beak and supportive muscles. The French magazine Terre Sauvage in its March 2014 issue has highlighted it as Picture of the Month.





March 2014 / Jaizkibel Amaharri Book reachs the bookstores

According to the old adage, What is not truly known is not truly loved. And with this idea comes up this book for what I contributed with my images to show the extraordinary natural heritage hidden on the sheer coastline of Jaizkibel, in the Basque Country, Spain. Jaizkibel Amaharri



March 2014 / VIAJAR Magazine publishes Great Rift Valley Flamingos, Kenya

Wherever there is water in Africa, there is also a wildlife hotspot. But if the water body considered gathers a high salinity, like many lakes scattered between Kenya and Tanzania through the Great Rift Valley, the appointment is unavoidable with flamingos, the most elegant and mysterious bird. And there wont be just one specimen but thousands displaying a spectacle of color and sound when moving between their waters. It's an amazing rosy picture, revered since ancient Egyptian times, which makes these lakes a must see traveling spot of Africa. VIAJAR Magazine March 2014.



Spring 2014 / ABACO Magazine features story on Dragonflies, the Air’s Queens

Dragonflies have an elegant, powerful and imposing appearance. But the most relevant facet of this odd insect is the distinctive movement while flying across the sky. This is just the most visible facet of one of the oldest, faster and amazing insects of the animal world due to  their fascinating aspect with large and powerful eyes, strong transparent wings and the extraordinary colorful that defines their elongated body. Published on ABACO Magazine Spring 2014 issue.




February 2014 / SuperFoto Digital magazine features story on Photo Destination section about Krabi Bay in Thailand

There is no doubt that often the first impression is that counts and the first glimpse of Koh Phuket island provides to the newcomer an usual visual pleasure towards this mythical enclave located in the spice route. Also becomes in the best base from which to explore the Andaman coast. A maritime landscape dominated by the presence of the rainforest and its long beaches between limestone cliffs peep steeply over the sea. Super Foto Digital Magazine February 2014.





February 2014 / VIAJAR Magazine travels to Yellowstone National Park in its Nature Section

Black bears and enormous grizzlies, majestic bisons, wolves, cougars, wapitis ... who has not dreamed to look closely at the large North American mammals. The worldwide pionering protected area, Yellowstone National Park, gathers all of them in its original nature located over the largest volcano in the world. Yellowstone gets from winter ice to Earth's fire, and it is a celebration of life and diversity throughout the year. VIAJAR Magazine February 2014.





February 2014 / TRAVELER Magazine invites its readers to realise where this photo was taken

Condé Nast Traveler magazine in its February issue invites its readers to participate finding out the site where this image has been made. The unique vegetation and the primates that live in this high lands with their impressive appearance become this area declared World Heritage Site in an unmistakable place, indeed we are talking about the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia.





February 2014 / IBERIA EXCELENTE magazine features a birdwatching story in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica where wilderness is the best asset and specially birds that count by hundreds it is exciting to sample the biodiversity and study the flight of hundreds of different species of birds. Costa Rica has a great variety of natural surroundings: pristine coasts, volcanoes, virgin jungles and wild rivers. A quarter of its territory is protected by natural parks. Costa Rica has more variety of birds that exist in the United States and Canada put together. This is a bird lover’s paradise and an obligatory stop for ecological tourists. IBERIA EXCELENTE Magazine February 2014.




January 2014 / VIAJAR magazine suggests to watch the Savannah Lords

The Masai Mara Reserve in southwestern Kenya, offers the unique opportunity to enjoy the greatest natural migration of the planet. Occurs during the month of June, when thousands of wildebeest and zebra move in search of greener pastures and are pursued by different predators, most notably lion, the true master of the savannah. To carry out a safari throughout this protected area to spot the main symbol of its wildlife is a truly unforgettable experience. VIAJAR Magazine January 2014.





January 2014 / IBERIA EXCELENTE magazine invites its readers to fly over Walvis Bay in Namibia in its Earth section

The area around Walvis Bay, a coastal city in Namibia that was founded centuries ago to support the whaling trade, can lay claim to the largest wetlands in Africa for migrating birds. This magnicificent natural resource consists of a lagoon and the capricious salt flats pictured here. Iberia Excelente Magazine January 2014.






January 2014 / WWF Spain 2014 Calendar publishes photos on cover and inner pages

For yet another year supporting WWF International in Spain, the leading NGO based on species conservation. This year the Spanish calendar shows some special fellow adventurers - all the relevant species for which improving its conservation status means also to change that of many other animals and plants associated with them. In addition to studying their threats takes pulse of the planet and its threats such as climate change, pollution and habitat destruction as well as strategies to focus and combat them and to achieve a world in which humans live in harmony with nature.






Winter 2013 / VIAJEROS magazine travels toward Pagoeta Mountain in the Basque Country

The Aia mountains are a beech and oak oasis surrounded by a sea of grass. Megaliths, ancient iron foundries, water mills and Basque farmhouses with character are hidden at first sight in the folds of its mountainous landscape. We traveled inland but we can not avoid the breakthrough that the Gipuzkoa's coast on the nearby the horizon imposes to Pagoeta, the mountain that peeps steeply over the sea. VIAJEROS Magazine Winter 2013 issue.





December 2013 / GEO Magazine features a story about the Iberian Wolf Return

After decades of persecution and absence the Iberian wolf is again going over the north of the Guadalajara province. The abandoned traditional use of accompanying the herds with mastiffs to protect against this predator has become the star of a program run by the government of Castilla-La Mancha to protect cattle in the traditional manner.






November 2013 / Orca Whale Watching story published by VIAJAR Magazine

Surfing throughout the North Sea do not expect a gentle sailing when crossing the fjords that outline the Lofoten Islands. However obstacles do not matter when an orca’s family gets within sight. You can not take your eyes off their fins cut by these superb mountains that make this Norwegian islands, nearby 70 ° N latitude, one of the most beautiful world’s archipelagos besides a gastronomic paradise for orcas. VIAJAR Magazine November issue.





December 2013 / 2014 Calendar Images of nature paradises published in the Heye Kalender within the Alexander Von Humboldt Edition

Always is a good time to peek into The Last Paradises, but with more energy if we are starting the year with Calendar 2014 edition of Heye Kalender. In which I have collaborated with several pictures in this edition dedicated to Alexander von Humboldt.






October 2013 /  VIAJAR Magazine features the story Hudson Bay, The Refuge of the Polar Bear

Hudson Bay is the most beautiful and close connection between the Atlantic and the Arctic. With the winter arrival it becomes one of the best worldwide places for a polar bear encounter, a face to face sight with one of the largest terrestrial predators and the unique maritime bear of the world. VIAJAR Magazine October 2013





Autumn 2013 / ABACO Magazine features story on the Circle in Nature

In nature the circular shape is a symbol of life and movement. The circumference is one of the most common and successful forms of wilderness and wildlife because exposing a minimum area outside that even so protects a large volume inside. ABACO Magazine Autumn 2013 issue.







November 2013 / Condé Nast TRAVELER Magazine invites readers to find out this landscape

When a cougar is within sight the cliffs and unique geological formations of the Colorado Plateau landscape fail to reach attention. Find the name of the national park where this image was taken is the challenge that Conde Nast Traveler Magazine November 2013 issue invites readers to participate with their travel experience.





Autumn 2013 / VIAJAR Magazine publishes an ecotouristic article on the Southern Right Whale

The shorelines of the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina's Patagonian coast are cut by two deep gulfs leading to a prominent viewpoint to look out the prodigious natural wildlife that ocean waters are home throughout the year and make it the worldwide best place to watch the Southern Right Whale. VIAJAR Magazine September 2013.





Autumn 2013 / HOLA VIAJES Magazine Weekend getaways

HOLA Magazine in its special TRAVEL issue brings together tips to weekend getaways for the whole year. My images have contributed to several of the most wild autumn getaways as this story of the Gallocanta lake in Zaragoza, a wetland of European importance for the large number of cranes that it gather usually for wintering or to rest on their migrational moves. HOLA TRAVEL Magazine issue 2013.






Autumn 2013 / VIAJEROS Magazine features a story on Botswana

Botswana is the dreamy wildland of intrepid travelers willing to follow the footsteps of the great African wildlife and also to discover the refuge of the most ancient indigenous people of Africa, the Bushmen. A land of contrasts where the Okavango River flows without interest to see the sea and it is able to overcome geography to get lost in the Kalahari, a mythical desert. VIAJEROS Magazine, Autumn 2013.





November 2013 / Svalbard Islands published at the 50th anniversary issue of TELVA Magazine

"In the Svalbard islands feel the harshness of the world and the bounty of nature. You realize how beautiful it is to live.” So begins Javier Reverte author his article entitled 'My round the world trip' where among his worldwide selected corners is located the archipelago of Svalbard in Norway which I illustrate with my images. TELVA Magazine has published it in its special issue of November, 2013cincuenta dedicated to the celebration of its fiftieth anniversary.





November 2013 / TERRE SAUVAGE Magazine stops its monthly vision on a Double-crested Cormorant

The picture of a Double-crested Cormorant, one of the most beautiful seabirds of the coastal areas, is showed into the section the Month Vision of this prestigious french magazine, TERRE SAUVAGE, November 2013.






Summer 2013 / In the leopard fields story published by VIAJAR Magazine

Going through the vast open landscapes spotted with acacias of Samburu National Park is to face the chance of one of the best wild experiences as to gaze at a leopard. Story published by VIAJAR Magazine, August 2013.







September 2013 / SUPERFOTO DIGITAL Magazine goes through the Patagonian Coastal Area of Argentina

The Patagonian Coast of Argentina which covers the area between Peninsula Valdés and Ría Deseado is a hotspot for ausrtal wildlife that every nature photographer has to experience at least once on life. SUPERFOTO DIGITAL Magazine, September 2013.






August 2013 / La Vanguardia Newspaper peeks into the Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park

The summer collaborations of the journalist Joan de Segarra in La Vanguardia newspaper go throughout this story to Espot village, main access to Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park at the Pyrenees and also basic urban reference for the Pallars Sobirà region.







Summer 2013 / Arabian Odyssey, A cruise to the One Thousand and One Nights on VIAJEROS Magazine

The perfect way to explore the seduction of the countries bordering the Persian Gulf is sailing with a cruise. Aromas of incense, bustling souks and camel markets, dreamy mosques and roots of desert nomads are the essences that captivate travelers beyond modern contrasts arrived with oil. VIAJEROS Magazine, Summer 2013.





Summer 2013 / VIAJAR Magazine features an article on the Costa Rica cloud forest

The greenish cloud forest is overwhelming, dominating the landscape of the Costa Rican mountains. Its biodiversity makes the traditional 'pure life' more than a national greetings in Costa Rica and become a challenge to find among the dense cloud forest its most elegant dweller, the resplendent quetzal. VIAJAR Magazine July 2013.





Summer 2013 / IBERIA EXCELENTE Magazine have a look at the Earth over Cadiz Bay

From a bird’s-eye view, the wetlands of the Cadiz Bay Natural Park look like a quiet, remot place. In fact here are 10,500 hectares that since 1989 have been protected from the advance of several neighbouring municipalities. Its patchwork of waters is inhabited by molluscs and flatflishes. Its lush vegetation is a landing strip for a rich variety of water birds. IBERIA Excelente is a magazine of IBERIA Airlines corporation.






August 2013 / GEO GERMANY Magazine, Green basilisk featured as Picture of the Month

The green basilisk or double crested basilisk with a discrete size of just 10 centimeters in length and its color similar to the vegetation between it gets to hunt for insects, their most precious bit, passes perfectly unnoticed through the dense vegetation of a Costa Rican forest. And better so in case it is true that it is known as that mythological animal that can turn a man to stone just with its ​​gaze. Featured in GEO Germany Magazine, August 2013.






Summer 2013 / ABACO Magazine features a story of Pyrenean Flora

The Pyrenees great mountain scenery shows their colourful appearance with the arrival of summer. A short but intense time for plants to complete the natural cycle displaying for it all the attractions of the vegetable world to ensure their survival. This article about Pyrenean flora has been published in Abaco magazine No 62 summer issue.




June 2013 / VIAJAR Magazine publishes a Great White Shark story

Being in front of the biggest marine predator, the Great White Shark, is an impressive experience. Whether from the boat or in a safe cage, which allows to see it under water, the encounter always provides exciting moments. From the pages of the VIAJAR Magazine I share a first-hand experience lived in Cape Town (South Africa) as one of the most worldwide attractive ecotouristic activities.





June 2013 / ALTAÏR Magazine # 83, USA National Parks, the best legacy

Get ready for the ride as this issue of ALTAÏR pull us to the passion that the sights of America's national parks drags. There are, until now, 59 national parks that along with other protection areas cover a hundred thousand kilometers square of U.S. territory. The magazine steps into some of them, whilst leave us the task of keep discovering them while the publication says bye to the kiosk... the current publishing crisis also reaches to the best publications.





May 2013 / Poppies field featured by EL PAIS newspaper, EL VIAJERO supplement

The poppy, the humble symbol of spring, is capable of light up the fields with its blossom, turning them in a intense and wild sight. Four scarlet petals are enough to transform the landscape in a breathtaking vision just for a few days.






April 2013 / First Photographic Prize MTA Malta International Tourism Awards 2012

Sailing to Malta!

The Mediterranean has always pushed a powerful call to me.
This time however, Malta Tourism Authority has been which called me.
Since I have been given the good news of being awarded with the First Photographic Prize of MTA Malta International Tourism Awards 2012.

A professional pleasure!




April 2013 / Discovering the Columbretes Islands from Condé Nast TRAVELER 61

The Conde Nast Traveler magazine readers were challenged to find out a group of volcanic islands and reefs that are a wilderness paradise. There nests birds as beautiful as threatened within the European wildlife as Eleanor's falcon and Audouin's gull, but were inhabited since Greek times until 1975, when the lighthouse was automated. Their most unknown inhabitants were pirates and smugglers and military that used them as a firing range. However their idyllic natural conditions have been preserved becoming them in one of the most outstanding Mediterranean natural secrets.



March 2013 / Fuerteventura Island featured in Mia magazine

The Fuerteventura island, within the Canary archipelago, is the most arid, being the closest to the African continent, and the oldest judging by the smoothness of its landscapes and volcanoes shapes. Its endless beaches, world rendezvous lovers of wind and kitesurf beaches and the idiosyncrasy of its rural environment are some of the island main attractions. To those is about adding a new one, that of becoming a Starlight Reserve declared by UNESCO. And this is thanks to the absence of light pollution and the sharpness of its skies for their exceptional weather conditions. From the magazine MIA my images help to look at this breakneck sky without losing all its beautiful landscapes and the cultural richness of the island.




February 2013 / Icelandic cave ice published in Condé Nast TRAVELER No 59

Walking under ice thousands of years old is not the most impressive of entering into an Icelandic ice cave but in fact is doing it within the biggest glacier mass of our continent. Besides of enjoy the spectacular colors that sunlight causes when reflects on the frozen mass. Natural magic that happens every winter with different features and Conde Nast TRAVELER magazine in its issue No 59 invited its readers to discover where it was located.





January 2013 / Panama photographic destination of Super Foto Digital magazine

The simultaneous encounter of two continents and two oceans is a country full of contrasts located in the narrowest area of Central America, Panama. Its capital, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, overlooks the canal which links two oceans and changed worldwide oceanic routes. Panama also has a valuable indigenous diversity preserved in exceptional locations such San Blas archipelago. From Caribbean shore is the Bocas del Toro archipelago which meets an exceptional biodiversity and, as it did with admiral Christopher Columbus, exudes such charming ambiance that is able to fascinate everyone who comes there.




January 2013 / Volcano eruption appealing from the cover of the french magazine Wapiti

Volcanoes fascinate not only to young readers of the French magazine Wapiti if not most people who feel attracted by nature phenomena. The unexpected eruption of Icelandic volcano Eujafjallajökull, I shot just a within a distance of hundred meters in 2010, serves to draw attention, from the cover of Wapiti, on internal story which reveals all the secrets of volcanoes.








January 2013 / Audi magazine publishes story ‘Animal Skin, Disguise or Shell’

Whether feathers, fur or scales the animals take advantage of the adaptations of their skin as fundamental barrier that protects their body from the outside helping resist environmental threats around them.






January 2013 /  SUPERFOTO NATURALEZA Magazine issue No.10 publishes an adventure in the Namib desert

The Namib, probably the most beautiful desert in the world, invites to enjoy its vast orange dunes extending to the shore of the sea and its most exclusive natural inhabitants from this story published in the latest issue of NATURALEZA SUPERFOTO magazine. Unfortunately with this magazine, on sale during the first half of 2013, the magazine ends its editorial journey. Hopefully this will be just a break soon!





January 2013 / Cover of the prestigious NATUR & MILJO Magazine publishes by the Danish Society for Nature Conservation -DN-

The prestigious Danish Society for Nature Conservation –DN-, the largest nature conservation and environmental organisation in Denmark, publishes in its latest issue of the NATUR & MILJO Magazine an image of a gull and a crow in close encounter. The intelligence of animals never ceases to amaze.






January 2013 / Condé Nast TRAVELER Magazine invites readers to discover Where Are You?

A broad, snowy landscape with an animal as characteristic as the American bison was the image shown in Condé Nast TRAVELER in their January 2013 issue to invite readers to discover the place where the picture was made. The magnificent Yellowstone National Park was the answer.






Winter 2012 / VIAJEROS Magazine publishes the story JORDANIA, Between the Desert and the Salt of Life

Jordan is a country rich in culture because of being a crossing point between East and West which in and of itself attracts the traveler, more so when you discover the unrivalled desertic beauty of its landscapes. Wadi Rum, Petra are legendary destinations today, as they were in antiquity, that still keep a captivating appeal for travelers. VIAJEROS Magazine issue Winter 2013





Winter 2012 / 'Sicily, Italian Essence' travel story publishing by MIA magazine

Sicily boasts a Mediterranean spirit without artifice. From the spectacular summit of Etna volcano presiding over the island, the attractions of this great island are even more seductive. But this is no reason to miss a trip to the nearby Aeolian archipelago. The volcanic geography of this cluster of islands is a good destination to get lost by the Mediterranean sea. MIA Magazine No.1366






Winter 2012 / A Bird’s-eye Perspective, story published by ABACO Magazine # 61 edited by BBVA Group

Beyond its aerodynamic function plumage of birds seen close acquires a pictorial beauty. The color and design patterns that reproduce the wings of the peregrine falcon, black vulture, flamingo, bee-eater, golden eagle, great bustard or common crane evidence it up close in this report published in section nature of Abaco magazine, edited by BBVA Group in the 2012 winter edition.






PYRENEES Magazine / 2013 Calendar

The French Pyrenees magazine has published their 2013 calendar where a photo of mine has been included with the image of a male deer in autumn to illustrate the October month.







Winter 2012 / SEO BirdLife Spain, Protecting the Cantabrian Capercaillie

The capercaillie, a protected species in the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees, is a relic of the ice age. But it fears not the winter chill as it is well equipped with a thick plumage, especially in his short legs that helps its do not sink into the snow.

Nowadays in wintertime it feeds on buds of trees such as birch and beech and holly leaves. Images used by SEO Birdlife Spain in an informative campaign on the species in collaboration with Project LIFE and Natura 2000.





WWF Spain


WWF Spain / 2013 Calendar

Another year supporting the praiseworthy work of the WWF International organization with some of my images included in the Spanish edition of their 2013 calendar. WWF Spain




December 2012 / Condé Nast TRAVELER Magazine towards Lybia

A saline lagoon or sabkhat located in the northern limits of the Tuareg territory brings us to Libya and to the seductive appealing of the sea of golden sands of the Sahara.

Far away are the caravans that crossed the desert with their merchandise stopping at the nearby town of Ghadames, an oasis nearby the desert. In this city, named by the Arabs as the pearl of the desert, stopped the caravans coming from central Africa towards the coastline of Tripoli. With this image the readers of Conde Nast TRAVELER Magazine No 57 were challenged to find out where they are.



Autumn 2012 / Magazine Gente AVIA features the traditional Anguiano dance from La Rioja region on its cover

With my photo of the colorful dance of stilts in Anguiano introduces a suggestion to have a break in La Rioja region. An ancient dance performed by local youth which is emphasized from the cover of this corporative magazine of the AVIA petrol service stations. Gente AVIA Magazine Nº 13







November 2012 / GRANDES ESPACIOS Magazine launchs an special issue of Leon with cover of Las Medulas

The province of Leon is a Spanish hiker destination with many features. My photography of Las Medulas, an ancient Roman open-pit mining and one of the most remarkable landscapes of Spain is inviting from the cover to go through this autumnal issue of the magazine. Grandes Espacios Magazine special issue Nº 182. Leon. Published by Desnivel Editions








Autumn 2012 / ABACO Magazine of the financial group   BBVA publishes the story The Earth Textures

The colours and forms of nature seen from the air show striking visions. Rivers or desertic lands, wetlands or melting rivers of glaciers wilderness always fascinates even more if we look at it from an unusual perspective. ABACO Magazine edited by BBVA Bank






Summer 2012 / GEO Spain issue 307 features one of the best colonies of prey birds of the world

Three decades ago the Spanish naturalist Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente got the first protected area of private management in Spain, in the river Riaza, Segovia. The result is an awe-inspiring colony of birds of prey where the griffon vultures acquire in their own right the center of attention. GEO Spain






Summer 2012 / The Basque magazine NORA  cools from its opening double page with a picture of a bottlenose dolphin jumping

Among cetaceans that are usual at the water of the Basque coast bottlenose dolphins are the easiest to spot. Not only for their large groups but by their sociability in the presence of boats. Even sometimes they catch the watchers with their acrobatics out of the water. NORA Nº 54. Edited by Sua Edizioak







Sept.2012 / Terre Sauvage Magazine, Jaizkibel, the wildest site of the Basque coastline

The rocky landscape of Jaizkibel, on the Basque coast, is an exceptional geological witness of this coastline as well as a creative mosaic originated by erosion. A rugged landscape that remains as wild as beautiful as it is one of the few Basque coastal sections where the man was not involved, although it is threatened by the project of a mega port. Published on Terre Sauvage Magazine issue of September 2012.





Sept. 2012 / Viajeros Magazine publishes The magic of the cloud forest, Costa Rica

The cloud forest or mountain jungle is one of forests most attractive to me. Its rugged character and biodiversity that hosts such iconic species like the resplendent quetzal become fascinating to me. The Viajeros Magazine has featured it on its issue of August-September among an elaborate selection of worldwide destinations to escape.





August 2012 / Gozo Island, Malta / Superfoto Digital Magazine

Spectacular coastal scenery, rural life and Mediterranean culture are the core of Gozo, island belonging to Malta, which has been featured in Superfoto Digital Magazine in a report focused as a photographic destination of an unknown Mediterranean.








Mediterranean Forest, Betting on green shoots

It is true that those who are dedicated to nature photography, we are part of a huge stream. That draws us linked to other living beings like animals and plants that inhabit the Earth. As much as the dunes of the desert or the stars that every night, scattered in the sky, remind us that we are part of something much more immense…

Thus begins my contribution in the website Art For Conservation within their section 'People making a difference'. I've focused it on a photographic project inevitably linked to my professional journey, the Mediterranean forest, one of the most photogenic ecosystems from my point of view and with which I feel closely connected.





August 2012 / EL PAIS newspaper on its supplement El Viajero 03.08.2012 has published an image of inside the volcano Thrihnukagigur, Iceland

El Pais newspaper, in its El Viajero supplement issue from 03.08.2012, in the section Find me There has published an image I shot inside the Icelandic Thrinhukagigur volcano. A thrilling experience of a journey to the center of the Earth due to this volcano has slept since 4000 years ago. Taking advantage that the lava didn’t fill out the volcanic cone nothing better than to descend about 120 meters down through the crater to see the stunning colorful volcanic walls deposited thousands of years ago.







July 2012 / National Geographic Spain publishes A wild glance portfolio

Nature photographer spends many hours watching the wildlife from the viewfinder of his camera. So the curiosity of the animals ended up appropriating as much of my images besides my interest. The genuine attention that animals show towards the persistent observer looked to me a fresh and captivating way to appear from the Visions section in the pages of National Geographic Magazine.






ALTAÏR magazine, To Go Further, No78, IRELAND, Firm in Their Roots

Not only for the Irish this green island is a paradise. The roots of their culture, so different from the rest of Europe, their tracks Celts and the beauty of its landscapes, especially coastal ones which are always measured with a rough Atlantic, make it a place where I always like to return. This time with photos accompanying the ALTAIR magazine reports on a real IRELAND firm in their roots.








July- August 2012 / Condé Nast TRAVELER Magazine invites to discover a remote place with one of my photos

A photo of one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Caribbean is the challenge that the Condé Nast TRAVELER Magazine, from its opening pages, calls the attention of its readers.






August 2012 / Story of Columbretes Island published by Descobrir Catalunya Magazine

With an exceptional natural diversity and landscapes originated by the volcanoes, the Columbretes Islands, located off the coast of Valencia, are preserved as one of the most attractive Mediterranean wilderness. Descobrir Catalunya magazine in its article published about them in their August issue even dares to define them as 'the Valencians Galapagos’.






July 2012 / Navigating around the Svalbard archipelago, a story published in the Spanish magazine Viajar

The Svalbard archipelago with its glaciers and amazing wildlife this month attracts readers from the pages of the Spanish VIAJAR Magazine. From the hand of its director Mariano Lopez and accompanied by my images it provides  perspective from its pioneer settlement to the attractive though hard current lifestyle of one of the most northerly places on earth.





Summer 2012 / ABACO Magazine from the BBVA group publishes a story of the unknown Petaloudes Valley in Greece

Only a few months, those the summertime lasts, you may see this fascinating natural phenomenon in which thousands of moths gather in a small valley on the Greek island of Rhodes.






HOLA Travel Magazine 2012 / Weekend Routes around Spain

It is time to suggest traveling by short trips for weekends and nothing better to do it with Hello magazine in its issue of Travel 2012. Thus I am graphically going with a few of the routes proposed by the attractive culture, nature and countryside of Spain.









Summer 2012 / Flysch’s story in the French magazine Pyrénées in its special summer issue of the Basque Country

'The ocean has opened the bowels of the Earth to create the geological wonder of the flysch' in that way introduces the leading article of the French Pyrénées Magazine, in its special issue of the Basque Country, the peculiarity of this coastline of the province of Gipuzkoa. Because of its geological features it has been considered a Geopark of worldwide interest. Besides to offer an impressive seafront walk it provides a special look at the history of the Earth in a period of 100 to 50 million years ago.




Surprising photo on TRAVELER Magazine Nº 51, May 2012

The Condé Nast TRAVELER Magazine on its May issue has looked for the magic hidden in one of my Persian Gulf images, specifically a shot taken in Oman, to seduce its readers with a challenge. Discovering the location of this site from the magazine section: Where You Are?






Front Cover of BBC Wildlife Magazine in its April 2012 issue

Thanks to the calls to bring back the Eurasian lynx to its territory in England one of my images has become the cover of BBC Wildlife magazine in its April 2012 issue.

Illustrating a story on the reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx , the largest of the four species in the world. Initiative motivated by the success that similar projects of restoration have reached in Europe. Although this initiatives are contributing to restore ecosystems to their original state in England it is raising conflicting opinions.








Front Cover of AGENDA VIVA Magazine Nº 27, Spring 2012

Respect for nature and sustainable development are the tenets of the Agenda Viva Magazine. Publication edited by Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation every season of the year. Starring in the cover of his spring issue are the attentive eyes of a tropical frog of one of my pictures.

Its pages lead environmental issues and science aspects. Linking from the original perspective of Gross National Hapiness (GNH) which introduces the honorary consul of Bhutan, to the humble lesson for the human being of the astronomer David Galadi-Enriquez to other views of the financial crisis.

Meanwhile the magazine turns out projects, ideas and activities which the foundation is part with its effort to contribute to the improvement of rural life. Furthermore they are mainstays in its laudable effort to maintain and disseminate Spanish biodiversity.






February 2012 / Winner of the Pica d'Estats Contest category Press Specialized in Travel and Tourism

The Pyrenees in their Lleida section are home of one the most spectacular mountain scenery: the Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici lake National Park. Its lakes, forests and sharp peaks show a very photogenic beauty any time of year which gives me reasons to cross their paths over and again.

The magazine Paisajes desde el tren in it issue of July 2011 included some of my pictures in the article 'Aigüestortes and Lake San Mauricio, the heart of the Pyrenees'. Journalistic work in collaboration with the photographers Jorge Sierra and Quim Farrero and the journalist Use Lahoz. The story has been awarded by the Tourist Board of  Lleida on its 23rd Edition of the Pica d'Estats Awards.








Photographer of the book EL BOSQUE PROTECTOR edited by Acciona and TF Editors

The trees, members of a extended family of fighters against climate change, are an essential part of the straightforward world of a nature photographer. Even more for me they integrate my personal geography. I can not imagine my closer landscape without the presence of a forest and the rich biodiversity that hides.

So when I was asked to contribute to this book I felt a breath of fresh air. Getting ready the selection of my images lots of pictures of forests around the world passed before my eyes. Again I could feel that the interests of man, whatever our culture is, can only be sustainable through a close link and complicity with the world's forests. Edited by TF Editors.




January 2012 / Book Natura published with the images of the photographers of the collective Portfolio Natural presented in the french magazine Terre Sauvage Nº 277

An artistic option for the natural light is the thread which connects the images of the photographers members of the collective Portfolio Natural included in the book 'Natura, a Creative Vision of Nature' which has received a great reception in the media. One of my images published in the book has been selected to illustrate the new of the book edition in the December issue of the french magazine Terre Sauvage.




January 2012 / ‘Written on the Rocks’ new report published by National Geographic Spain

The Gipuzkoa coastline in the Basque Country is home of one of the most fascinating geological landscapes Juan Carlos Muñoz remarks about the cliffs of Zumaia's flysch. An impressive coastline of rocks emerging as blades on the shore for kilometres. The Earth’s history has been recorded over them from 50 millions years ago. Making it one of the best known geological features and therefore an unique stone book for those who know to read it as Eva van den Berg, author of the text, says.





December 2011 / Photographer of the book NATURAL FOOTPATHS OF SPAIN edited by the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine

I've always loved the skyline I got in the country paths. Walking geographies looking for landscapes under unique lights, to capture the rich history that has impacted them. But without losing sight of the wild, among the most secret plants and animals which create its exclusive nature.

Therefore participate in the book Natural Paths in Spain sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine has been for me an excellent opportunity to follow these old Iberian routes which, awakening the emotional side, approach us to live our natural landscapes.


NATURE REGARDS CREATIFS SUR LA NATURE Book and Exhibition by Portfolio Natural

Nature and  lights have inspired the book Natura Regards Creatifs sur la Nature made by the photographers association Portfolio Natural which Juan Carlos Muñoz is a member. Their photographic styles and different thematic focus make up an exceptional collection of  wild moments. The large format of the book and the careful editing done with great print quality promises a good enjoy watching pictures which emanate beautiful sensations from a great artistic view.

An exhibition of relevant images of the publication will open its doors for the 15th Festival of Wildlife and Nature Photography to be held at Montier-en-Der (France) between 17 and 20 November 2011. Oryx bookshop



June 2011 / Aurora Borealis published in GEO Magazine France

GEO Magazine France in its June issue has published a photo of Juan Carlos Muñoz of the spectacular lights of the Aurora Borealis. He went in search of Iceland auroras, the best place in Europe to photograph them, because of the biggest solar flare that occurred in recent years intensified this fascinating natural phenomenon.





Photographer selected to illustrate with his images the life, work and legacy of Félix Rodriguez de le Fuente in the book ‘FELIX’S FOOTSTEP’

The book of homage guided by Félix’s own words and with the enthusiastic cooperation of his daughter, Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente, in the texts, reviews the work of this great Spanish naturalist and his legacy to make us part of the sensitivity and respect for the natural world, which Félix championed. Emotional images from the family archive provide background for the texts, as well as those images taken during television filming, which reflect the naturalist’s extensive work and his passion for nature.

“Together with the photographers Jorge Sierra, Francisco Márquez and Andoni Canela we have supported this journey in graphical terms with our photographs through space and time in nature which is the message transmitted by Félix. Marcelle Parmentier, his widow and president of the Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation, declares that the images are beautiful. However, I humbly believe that they are only the refection of the natural beauty which surrounds us, combined with that stamp of Félix which has marked our love for nature in one way or another,” remarks Juan Carlos Muñoz. His large scale images which illustrate the  pages of the book are concentrated in the chapter ‘Alaska and other frozen landscapes’ a cold, white land which is one of Juan Carlos’s favourite destinations.



April 2011 / Keep going North. A date with the Aurora Borealis

There are nature phenomena which leave no trace behind. It may be this ephemeral character, so unique in time, which catches the attention of a nature photographer such as Juan Carlos Muñoz. The spectacular displays of lights which make up the Aurora Borealis is a natural spectacle within the grasp of very few. This is due, not only to its appearance, caused by the earth’s magnetic fields, but to the fact it occurs only in the Polar Regions. So it is that, after going beyond 60 degrees of latitude north, Juan Carlos was confronted with this extraordinary spectacle. A photographic challenge which had an exceptional ally, the sun. Given the enormous explosions which the great star experienced in February combined with the freezing winter temperatures and the clear skies of Iceland.



March 2011 / Exhibition by Photographers who love the Earth in Niigata, Japan

As a photographer committed to the conservation of the environment and a member of the International Environment Photographers Association (IEPA), I am participating in the Photographic Exhibition on World Environment which is taking place in Niigata, Japan.

The earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan on the 11th of March, causing fatalities in parts of the country, have only delayed its inauguration by a few weeks.

From the 23rd of March visitors who come to the exhibition in the wake of the dreadful days after the catastrophe, can view the diversity of world nature, through 111 photographic images from 37 different countries.

Apart from their admirable attitude to the tragedy, Japanese citizens have given the event a warm welcome, as much during the opening ceremony, as at the exhibition, which though photographs highlights the immense relevance of world nature conservation, especially after the enormous natural disaster in Japan. The exhibition will travel to other cities over the next few months and will be accompanied by various environmental awareness raising activities.


January 2011 / An unexpected visit by thousands of bramblings

It looks like an impressionist painting or perhaps an autumnal moment in an oak forest on Mount Gorbeia. However it is the middle of winter and these colourist brush strokes are two and a half million bullfinches which unusually are spending the winter in Spanish territory. This little bird left Scandinavian shores like every year to avoid the rigours of a northern winter. But exceptionally, it did not stop in its usual central European wintering places. The harshness of the climate caused it to travel further south and crossing the Pyrenees they stopped in the oak and beech forests of this area between Alava and Biscay. The abundance of beechnuts and the gentle climate cause them to return every evening like a cloud to decorate the oak trees of this natural park with their soft orange, black and white hues, and here they spend the night. An exceptional event of nature which I made the pages of publications such as ‘Le Figaro’ in France, the ‘Stern’ magazine in Germany and the ‘Semanal XL’ magazine of the Vocento group in Spain.



April 2010 / Beside the Eujafjallajökull volcano, Iceland

I have always been fascinated by photographing volcanoes and the landscapes which result from their lava strewn fury. For that reason, after the first week of the Eujafjallajökull volcano erupting, I didn’t hesitate when the Icelandic meteorological office predicted a window of clement weather and I caught a flight to Iceland. It was midnight when I landed, but knowing that the Icelandic weather is very changeable, I set out for the volcano directly from the airport, given that nobody could be certain about the duration of this surprising volcano’s active phase. Efforts to get there were magnificently rewarded: the satisfaction of being within a hundred metres of the eruption.


April 2010 /  Exhibition at the 9th Lézarde Nomade Festival in le Pays de Mayenne, France

‘Hello Spain!’ is the title chosen by the dynamic Kiosque Mayenne, organiser of a wide range of cultural activities in the French region of le Pays de Mayenne, for the 9th edition of the Lézarde Nomade festival, dedicated to the cultural wealth and diversity of Spain.

On being invited to contribute my vision of nature, I have opted to show the secrets of the Iberian landscapes and the most exclusive and wildest of our main ecosystems.




October 2009 / ‘Wild Spain’ Exhibition at the 15th Nature Festival, Namur, Belgium

Enthusiasm, essence and passion for nature are the terms of reference which for the last 15 years have framed this festival where films and photographs from all over the world come together in the peaceful city of Namur, in Belgium. Not only the most immediate environment, but also the most distant or the most beautiful, is fitted into its various exhibition spaces, so as to create awareness of our environment, as well as showing the most extraordinary sights of our natural surroundings.

For one of them, the beautiful church of St. Jacques, the natural landscapes of Spanish nature and their most emblematic inhabitants have been chosen. It is my attempt to provide a glimpse of Spanish wildlife and at the same time, to contribute an artistic vision which draws visitors closer to the natural spirit of our planet.



February 2009 /  A huge snowfall over Wales 

People think that snowfalls are as delicate as the landscapes which they gradually submit to their white covering. But until you have attempted to make headway through it, you don’t appreciate the true dimension of this natural phenomenon which is so fascinating for photographers.

As winter advanced, it held half of Europe hostage under its thick cover. The airports of England were closing one by one when I decided to take a flight to Wales. It was not a whim but a photographic challenge. I thought it was the right moment to undertake one of my missions within the ‘Wild Wonders of Europe’ European project. The directors of the project encouraged me in this, because it would be a means of  taking photographs of the red kite, an iconic European bird of prey, in a unique environment in its Welsh territory.

We were not mistaken in our belief and in spite of the difficulties to get there and the technical complications of capturing the images, the rewards were photographs in which I could combine the majestic flight of the red kites with the impact of the falling snow.



November 2008 / ‘Wild Spain’ Exhibition at the 11th International Photography Festival of Nature and Fauna, in Montier-en-Der, France

It is Spain which contains the greatest biodiversity of fauna within the continent of Europe. For this reason, I have chosen some twenty iconic species of Southern European nature to exhibit them, under the title ‘Wild Spain’ in the International Photography Festival of Nature and Fauna, which for the last twelve years has been held on the third weekend of November in Montier-en-Der. This is a town located in the Champagne-Ardenne region next to the Der-Chantecoq laguna, where the common cranes of Northern Europe congregate at this time of year in tens of thousands. But just now, it is the festival and the various events which take place during its run where all the interest is centred, given that it is a great chance for French and central European fans of nature and fauna photography to enjoy this type of photography to the full. This year Jim Brandemburg is the guest of honour, while among the French guests Vincent Munier is the best known. Among the foreign photographers whom we will be exhibiting are images by Stefano Unterthiner.



May 2008 / Wild Wonders of Europe, the biggest communication initiative about nature is launched

I am Juan Carlos Muñoz, a nature photographer interested in wildlife and in those authentic landscapes where it shelters and which make nature such an exciting place. Even whilst having such natural wealth beside us, it often stays hidden from general attention whether through ignorance or forgetfulness.  

For this reason, I didn’t hesitate when the Swedish photographer Staffan Widstrand, general director of an embryonic ‘Wild Wonders of Europe’ project, invited me to be part of an idea of love and passion to share European biodiversity with our neighbours.

In this respect, along with sixty- nine other European photographers, I would have to use photography, my best expressive tool, and thus capture nature in its pure form. We will unite our conservation and dissemination efforts, faced with this common heritage which is the nature of Europe. Because it is easier to love and be involved in caring for something that you know. Often we have more awareness of remote species and landscapes than the nature we have at our own front door.

On the 8th of May, Europe Day, this project was launched – a project which seeks to reach all types of audiences through the creative and unusual photographs which we take of European nature and which will be disseminated through all means of communication, open air exhibitions and various audiovisual media and publications.